Instructions to Authors

Instructions for authors

Manuscript Submission

  • All submissions must be made electronically through our online submission system (link to be provided).
  • The manuscript file should be saved in a format compatible with most word processing software (e.g., DOCX)

Manuscript Format

  • Font: Use a standard font (Times New Roman) with a size of 12 points.
  • Line Spacing: Double line spacing is preferred.
  • Margins: Set margins to at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) on all sides.
  • Numbering: Include consecutive page numbers throughout the manuscript.

Manuscript Content

  • Title Page: Include the title of your manuscript, the authors' full names and affiliations, and the corresponding author's contact information (email address).
  • Abstract: Provide a concise and informative abstract (maximum 250 words) summarizing the background, methods, results, and conclusions of your study.
  • Keywords: Include 3-5 keywords relevant to your research.
  • Introduction: Briefly introduce the background and significance of your research topic.
  • Materials and Methods: Describe the methodology used in your study in a clear and concise manner.
  • Results: Present your findings objectively, using tables and figures where appropriate.
  • Discussion: Interpret your results in the context of existing literature and highlight the significance of your findings.
  • Conclusion: Briefly summarize the main conclusions of your research.
  • References: Follow a recognized reference style (Vancouver). Ensure all references cited in the text are included in the reference list and vice versa.
  • Acknowledgments: Briefly acknowledge any sources of funding or support for your research.